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Instore & Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is an integral solution to communicate and sell more. It is a screen or a network of them, what can be controlled remotely, and in which you can issue different types of content whether images, videos, texts, RSS feeds, content from different social networks …

In conclusion, the digital posters are the new posters and classic and static posters. It is the progress towards digitalization and finally support the abandonment of paper and deforestation. Digital signage is an innovative and booming, interactive and interactive solution that connects 10 times more with the current consumer. That is why, every day more digital signage projects are installed in new sites.

Benefits of having Digital Signage in your business:

Create a new channel of communication with relevant messages that achieve greater retention.

Generate bigger engagement with your customer.

Increase sales in your business.

Encourages interaction with your customer and therefore reinforces its link with your brand.

LED Screens

Attract clients in a more creative way!

The best way to attract attention and inform our potential customers both inside and outside our stores is using digital signage. LED advertising screens are revolutionizing the way modern brands approach customers.

At Ambimedia Ltd, we can provide modular screens, which means that we can design and adjust to the size and space that you require. We can provide LED screens for lots of different scenarios for both indoor and outdoor and outdoor use.


Defer to the size of your advertising!

Provide a visual impact and differentiate from your competitors by providing a wow factor in store.

Our Videowalls are a really attractive solution to provide a large display with the use of several screens, spanning content across them. Videowall screens are special high-brightness models to be supported on a wall, on the ground or on wheels.

If you would like to find out more about our Videowall options, please get in touch and we would be happy to help you.

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