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Marketing and communication for commercial environments.

About us

At Ambimedia Marketing we are a great multidisciplinary team that responds to the challenges that communication offers us in hotels, department stores, restaurants, shops …

We are a passionate company that we like to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We provide our experience to respond to the challenges posed by the world of technology, marketing and corporate communication.

What do we do

Soul, service and technology to create sensations in commercial environments as powerful marketing tools.

Our mission is to make the visit of the clients to the establishments a unique and memorable experience. For this, we integrate creativity and technology, always offering reliable and friendly systems.

More than 2000 customers in 14 countries

For 14 years
creating solutions
We have been expanding since our beginnings in 2005, supplying our services in 14 countries with subsidiaries in the US, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Mozambique, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Oman Germany, Italy, Holland, India and Australia.

How do we do it


Each new project allows us to discover solutions and integrate systems thus offering unique solutions that bring visibility and profitability to our customers.


Our specialized team is responsible for coordinating every aspect of the project so that we can offer solutions that make management easier.


We have an experienced team in design, engineering, audiovisual installations, communication and marketing, applying your vision to each new project.

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